The reasons for the Muslim majority in the lands known today as Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh

Posted on August 4, 2010


Today we do not have an idea of how a merciless Islamic Jihad forcibly transformed the Hindu and Buddhist society of Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh into a Muslim one with a merciless tyranny of over one thousand years. While in the erstwhile Indian territories of what is today Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh; Hinduism was supplanted entirely by Islam, but in what today is called India; the Muslim tyranny succeeded only partially in converting a part of the population to Islam.

In fact those parts of erstwhile Hindu and Buddhist India, where a majority of the Hindus and Buddhists were converted to Islam have become distinct Muslim nations of Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh today. These countries were parts of India, before the Muslims invaded that part of the world.

We shall see at the end of this article the methods used by the Muslim tormentors to convert a large part of the Hindus and Buddhists to Islam. Many Muslims today raise a canard about an alleged tolerant nature of Muslim rule in India because of which a majority of Indians today have remained Hindus. They try to pull wool over your eyes, and are supported by the unabashedly pro-Jihadi, pro-terrorist communist anchors in Indian electronic media like NDTV, CNN-IBN and in the English print media in India like the Muslim managed “Asian Age”, and the pro-terrorist commie controlled “Hindu” and Hindustan Times, along with the pink-tinted Times of India, Indian Express, and many other leading (rather misleading) national dailies in India.

These pro-terrorist scoundrels from the NDTV and IBN often pose (rather impose) a question as to how only eleven percent of the population of India is Muslim if the Muslim rulers were tormentors who made Hindus accept Islam at the point of the sword?

The issue here is that in historic times when we refer to India we include all those parts that were inhabited by Hindus and Buddhists before the Muslim aggression. So what is today Bangladesh, Pakistan and Afghanistan as well as India, are parts of historic India. And so when we consider this geographic entity as one whole, the population of Muslims (in India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh together accounts for fifty five percent).

The fact that Hindus still account for forty five percent of the population is due to the fact that in Punjab, Rajputana, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Orissa, Nepal, Assam and South India, the Hindus defeated and rolled back the Muslim aggressors, so its was these parts that remained predominantly Hindu. In other erstwhile provinces of India, like Herat, Bamiyan, Zabul, Kabul, in Afghanistan, and Baluchistan, Paktoonistan, Sindh, Western Punjab in Pakistan and in Eastern Bengal (i.e. today Bangladesh) which were under Muslim rule for an unbroken period of one thousand years, the Hindu population was decimated to almost zero. Today we do not realize that while talking about areas such as Gandhara (Kandahar), Kubha (Kabul), Makara (Makran), Sakastana (Siestan/Balouchistan), Sindh, West Punjab, Paktoonistan, East Bengal (Bangladesh) we are in fact talking of India and Indian provinces which were formerly wholly Hindu and Buddhist majority parts of India up to the 7th century and between the 7th and 16th centuries their Hindu and Buddhist population was decimated through slaughter and force conversion. And even today in the surviving Indian provinces like Uttar Pradesh (formerly United Provinces), Bihar, Kerala and West Bengal, the population of Muslims is around thirty percent and is growing fast due to Islamic polygamy and accelerated breeding rates and exfiltration from Bangladesh.

Today this process of Islamization is still on in Kashmir through the use of terror for the forced migration of the population of Hindu pandits from the Kashmir Valley. In other parts of India where these tactics would be fiercely resisted by the Hindus, the process of using the womb bomb to increase the Muslim population is being used to the hilt by the mushrooming of high fertility rates among Muslim who can have four wives at one time, with women being treated like baby producing factories. The Muslims inhabit the mushrooming slum areas in and around all major Indian metros such as Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Patna, Lucknow, Ahmedbad and many other semi metropolitan towns.

This Muslim baby boom is significantly happening in the Terai region of Uttaranchal, northern Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, Assam, parts of Andhra Pradesh (Hyderabad) and Kerala. There are many districts in India which today are Muslim majority areas. According to unofficial estimates the Muslim population in India is today at 25 percent. Thus if we look at historic India those parts which were under Muslim tyranny the Hindu population was decimated to nil. And in the rest of the country, it was the fierce Hindu resistance and counter attack that led to the Hindu character of some Indian provinces to be salvaged in spite of the merciless Muslim tyranny.

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