The Hindu Holocaust (Modern Murder)

Posted on August 5, 2010


The Hindu Holocaust continues throughout the world today. More than any other religious group anywhere, Hindus and being persecuted and murdered by fanatical members of other religious groups, and even by the Government of India itself.  In the supposedly “secular” country of India, we find that the minority religions are given special treatment and allowed to manage their own affairs.  Muslims in India are offered a financial subsidy to pay for their religious pilgrimage to Mecca (the Hajj Subsidy), and Christian missionaries are allowed to run rampant using various forms of deception and material promises to convert entire villages, while the Hindu religion is denigrated in India’s universities.  Patriotic Hindus are called fundamentalists and fanatics, while Muslim and Christian terrorists carry out an unprecedented campaign of murder and violence against Hindus.  Hindu temples are not allowed to be managed by the Hindus themselves, rather huge amounts of donations are collected by the “secular” government and pocketed by non-Hindu officials while the Temples are left to fall into ruins. At the same time, Muslim “Madrassas”, or religious schools, are growing by leaps and bounds, and left free to preach their hatred against Hindus.  Muslim and Christian separatists threaten to tear Mother India apart even more than she has already been in order to secede and carve out new nations from India based on religious governments, rather than on secular lines that insure religious freedom for all.

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