Seminar on internal security in Hyderabad Country needs a comprehensive strategy to fight Maoist terror-Madan Das

Posted on August 6, 2010


“THERE is a need to have a comprehensive, consistent, coordinated and Centre-led strategy to fight against Maoist violence in the country,” said RSS Sahsarkaryavah Shri Madan Das. He was speaking at a seminar on internal security at Ram Reddy Distance Education Auditorium of Osmania University campus in Hyderabad on July 15. The seminar was organised by Martyrs’ Memorial Research Institute, a Hyderabad based organisation.

Shri Madan Das said a kind of demoralisation has set in among the security agencies. Whenever they lose men, the politicians rarely realise their pain and sufferings. More detrimental is the fact that the politicians compromise with Naxals during the elections. He said the infiltration from Bangladesh is creating serious demographic imbalance in the border areas. “Tribal lands are being grabbed and the local people there are becoming a minority. This is nothing but a silent invasion. On the other hand Pakistan is exporting 400 trained terrorists to India and it still remains unchallenged. The need of the hour is a resolute political will to fight against the Maoist terrorism,” he said.

Presiding over the discussion Prof Manohar Rao, chairman of Martyr’s Memorial Research Institute, listed the sacrifices made by many to counter the menace of Maoism. He said Maoism is nothing but a destructive foreign ideology blindly borrowed from outside to impose a violent dictatorship.

Shri TS Rao said during his tenure he received support from the State government to be tough with the Naxalites and a ban was imposed on People’s War Group.

(Samachar Bharati, Hyderabad)

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