The chimera of Hindu Terror

Posted on August 6, 2010


THERE are not many takers yet. And there is no shred of evidence. Still the Congress Party through its dirty tricks department and a section of the obliging media is trying passionately to plant the idea of the existence of a chimera by the name of Hindu terror. It is not passionate about fighting terror that has claimed over 10,000 lives during its tenure. Almost all the terror attack investigations in the past six years are stymied both for want of evidence and political will. But it is working overtime to implicate the RSS, thereby, the Hindu society in some way or other in a so-called terror conspiracy.
We have seen its prelude in the Malegaon blast probe 18 months ago. Then it was the Maharashtra state ATS. Now it is the CBI. Then it was some fringe Hindu organisations based in Pune which was accused of hatching the conspiracy. Now they are hoping to involve the biggest Hindu organisation in the country, the RSS. The Malegaon investigation has not made any headway. The accused are still languishing in jail. The trial has not started, though the accused have not even been given bail and the charge sheet is not ready after 18 months. This is the tyranny of a vindictive anti-Hindu government. The CBI director has publically stated that no RSS leader is involved in any terror activity and that they are not investigating the RSS leaders in this connection.

But every day stories appear in some fading rag or some unwatchable TRP-starved channels quoting CBI sources about the so-called Hindu terror investigation in which allegedly some Sangh workers were questioned. In fact, that is the only terror investigation report hitting headlines these days. Helpfully, one or the other Congress leader comes out alluding to the so-called Hindu terror and linking it obliquely with RSS.

Congress is conscious of the fact that it is not easy to sell the canard. The RSS has a clean track record. It has a huge reputation. Its patriotism is unquestionable. In fact, it is the greatest unifying nationalist force in the country. And in a country with over 80 per cent peace loving, law abiding, democratic and modern minded Hindu majority the fable of Hindu terror will take time to sink in. So the Congress is doing it systematically. Going slow, but trying to create the atmosphere, through calculated leaks, highly publicised questioning of a few individuals. The CBI and a section of the media who run it only for making money and political blackmail are the willing tools in the Congress hands.

Late Hemant Karkare, head of the most reviled Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) who fell victim to the 11/26 terror attack, reportedly told journalists a few hours before his death that 90 per cent of the ATS was busy investigating the Malegaon blast case. This is a case which dominated the political discourse and media coverage for one month preceding the Mumbai terror attack. Malegaon was a minor incident. But the UPA chose to blow it out of proportion and behaved as if it was the only terror attack worth investigating. Because of the outrageous acts of the investigating agency and its politically motivated media hype and the repeated allusion to an alleged “Hindu terror” mastermind, it will continue to haunt us for long as a mark of the UPA’s monumental folly.

It damaged many reputations. For the first time Hindus were accused of terrorist links. The unbelievable audacity and imbecile impetuousness of the leaks from ATS damaged its reputation. And earned it the dubious distinction of UPA’s dirty tricks department. It proved ineffective, rather a sitting duck before the Mumbai and the recent Pune terror attacks. India’s anti-terror operations have become captive to the cynical communalisation and vote-bank politics of the UPA.

For instance, the agency has not cracked the February 14, 2010 Pune blast case. Nor has it solved the major attacks in which hundreds were killed like the Mumbai (July 11, 2006) serial train blasts. The record is the same with all other terror attack cases. Pending investigations are the major blasts in Jaipur (May 13, 2008) Hyderabad (August 25, 2007), Guwahati (January 1, March 25 and April 6, 2009), New Delhi (Oct 29, 2005) and Varanasi (March 7, 2006). But our premier investigating agency is busy with tidbit cracker blasts in Mecca Masjid, Ajmer Sharif and Malegaon which on the face of it look minor and most likely, according to some observers, the handiwork of some official agencies or a deliberate attempt to camouflage the bigger crimes.

Every terror attack make us aware of the meticulous planning, technical support and stunning access to resources the jehadis have accumulated over the years within the country.

All through the tenure of the jehadi-friendly UPA regime it was trying assiduously and systematically to destroy every pillar of strength, faith and national honour. The spreading disaffection is all pervading. A democratic system is hostage to the whims of a family culture. This elected government is a hand maiden to the extra-constitutional diktat of a foreign lady who lately became an Indian citizen. The question is whether her nominated IMF pensioner Prime Minister is serving the country or lazily obliging to weaken, damage and discredit the country by all possible means. Remember he had said Pakistan is a victim not a harbinger of terrorism. And that there was not a single Muslim terrorist in India though India has the largest Muslim population in a democracy. And he created 190 Muslim majority corridors across the country.

The most startling aspect of this is the ploy to paint Hindus as terrorists. And the attempt to paint all nationalist organisations in some way or other as connected to extremist groups. The binge of this questionable endeavour discredited all terror-related actions in the public eye and presented an easy escape route and deceptive theatric to Muslim terror, ISI and Bangladesh-sponsored anti-India propaganda.

Equally dampening is its fallout on the national will to fight terror. India has lived with terror for almost three decades now. In this period we have lost thousands of precious lives. But the country had developed a strategy, expertise and a certain level of invincibility in fighting terror. It also muscled our resilience, steeled our determination to fight back and uphold unity. The institutions or security forces have not failed us. It is the political leadership that has kow-towed.

The signal the UPA flashed throughout its tenure was diametrically opposite to this national pledge. For the last one month it acted as if all terror acts in India were the handiwork of Hindu groups. The list lengthened with every passing day, adding new names, places and projecting the victims as the villains. The UPA dirty tricks departments did not spare any institution in this operation calumny. It dragged even the judiciary when it refused to hang the Parliament attack prime accused Mohammed Afzal citing extraneous considerations and allowing the jehadi fellow traveller activist groups to question the fairness of the Indian legal system. It was all done to whitewash jehadi terror. And humour its communal constituency.

The UPA-dictated agencies questioned the secular credentials of the Indian Army through inspired and well-orchestrated plants spreading the canard of infiltration by Hindutva elements. Whatever was the missing link was provided by the politically biased Sachar Committee and Ranganath Mishra Commission reports.

The UPA government is not acting as a national government serving the people of India but as a partisan referee against the Hindu community, to assuage the alleged hurt sentiments of the merchants of minority victimhood. No national government can afford to elect itself into such a role. All its actions, as a result came to be suspected by Hindus. At the same time the UPA became a defender, protector and in some cases a compatriot of forces inimical to India. By repealing POTA, disallowing BJP-ruled states strong anti-terrorism laws and making the Army and security forces arm-strung when it comes to confronting terror attacks, offering legal aid to terror accused from tax-payers’ money and announcing, by no less than the Prime Minister, that Muslims have the first right on national resources and communalising budget, banking, governance and even scholarships and tuition fees for needy students, the UPA has promoted the madrasa mindset, and allowed a free run for jehadis.

A terror attack of the magnitude and perfection of the one in Mumbai could not have been undertaken without the highest level of coordination and planning. It needed massive resources and manpower. Even that has not made the UPA cautious.

Once again the country has gone into its lethargic slumber. Only that the frequency of the terror attack is becoming shorter. The magnitude of the damage is also on the upswing with every passing incident. And the UPA is getting more emboldened not to act and look for alibi for the Islamists. The attempts to involve the RSS men in terror incidents and the façade of Hindu terror being assiduously promoted by the Congress and its cronies have to be seen in this light. The canard has to be killed so that our national resolve is not weakened.

(Courtesy:Organiser weekly)


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