Wide range of panchgavya products launched in Nagpur

Posted on August 6, 2010


AS promised by the saints during the Vishwa Mangal Gou Gram Yatra, a wide range of panchgavya products made of cow milk, ghee, curd, etc. were launched under ‘GouBrands’ in Nagpur on July 12.

Launching the products through a vehicle show and display cum sales centre, VHP general secretary Dr Pravin Togadia explained the concept behind the project. He said, “There are over 5,000 goushalas in Bharat doing excellent work to save the cows. Around 200 goushalas make products from cow milk, ghee, curd, cow dung and cow urine. The Gou Vigyan Anushandhan Kendra Goushala of Nagpur has successfully developed an efficient medicine to cure cancer through gomutra. Similarly, many goushalas have efficient and effective products. To feed a cow, a farmer has to spend Rs 50 per day. If that cow is not a milk giving cow, he cannot afford this expense. But now with such a wide range of products being made even by gomutra and gomay, the farmers will get money even by selling cow waste and they would not be forced to sell their cows for butchering. This way, the cows will be saved.”

The GouBrands is an umbrella company which will take selected products from all goushalas depending on the quality, prices and supply consistency and take them to the existing and potential consumers in a professional marketing way. Through this the goushala products will reach more people. The goushalas would need more gomutra and gomay. In turn they will be able to pay more to farmers for cow waste and the cows would be saved.

The GouBrands has divided the products in four categories. The beauty products include soaps, shampoo, face scrub cum face pack, all purpose cream, after shave, toiletries. The household products include phenyl, glass cleaner, hand wash, mosquito repellent coil and dhoopbatti, etc. The medicinal products include anti-constipation choorn, ointment, balm and anti-obesity Ark, etc.

These products were also welcomed with great enthusiasm at Haridwar Kumbha where lakhs of pilgrims tried and used them. Now the GouBrands vans move in Nagpur streets displaying banners and products. At 18 prominent places in Nagpur, the GouBrands volunteers display and sell the products every day.

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