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Posted on August 8, 2010


This site is specially designed and operated only with an zeal to inform and update the forgotten issues of ourselves which are very important to every Indian and that is the reason this site is given the name of AKHANDBHARAT and surprisingly many of us do not know that once our nation was really an Akhandbharat and during that regime our nation was the golden bird in this world and it attracted the world towards it.

An astonishing fact of the breadth of our country’s political map was till early 20th century was 76,56,000 Sq KMs and today we will also be astonished to know that our country is at a stretch of only 31,59,450 Sq KMs that means less than half of its size then where did the other land go? During the Mogul and Church rule i.e., British rule we have lost our land because today’s Afghanistan, Pakistan, Tibet till Amod were our parts which we have lost and today we are left over with less than half of our land, why do you think this happened like this, it was because of our ethic less politicians since ages and till date, and you may be aware that in spite of victory over Pakistan war in 1971 we had to leave a part of our land to them why did it happen that way, the conversions were started during Mogul and British rule on this land and still after the so called Independence we are unable to stop their conspiracies why? Are the subjects which this site will deal with and more particularly this site is a effort to make us know what were we, what are we today and to come out of this situation what should we do and save our future generation, why we Hindus are at the top universally will be dealt with.

There was a time in our history that even kings used to rule their territories with the guidance of Rishis, Sadhus and sants, then where did these great people go leaving the people to fate, now leaving a few what are our Sadhus doing by sitting in their ashrams what is their dharma and what are they doing, are they really doing their dharma towards society? Will also be discussed in the coming pages.


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