The Ten Great Reflection of Spiritual Life

Posted on August 8, 2010


Spiritual life is not easy. It is a constant struggle against nature, against your mind and body, and against the clinging and the lures of life which present themselves to you constantly and try to wean you away from your chosen path. Under such circumstances it is a challenge to remain focused on your practice and stick to your spiritual discipline. The following ten reflections are used in Buddhist tradition by monks to overcome distractions and difficulties and stay on the path of dhamra. The Buddha suggested them to his followers in one of his discourses, when he was staying at a monastery near Sravasthi in northern India. The ten reflections which he suggested on that occasion are collectively known as the dasa dharma sutra (dasa dhamma sutta) or the Ten Aphorisms of Dharma. The ten reflections can be practiced by anyone who wants to remain on the chosen spiritual path, independent of the religion or the spiritual philosophy in which one believes. They are particularly useful to overcome distractions and the old habits of the mind and the body.

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