Hindu Refugees Are Victims of Partition

Posted on August 10, 2010



While the state of West Bengal has been witness to continuous inflow of persecuted Hindus from Bangladesh seeking refuge in India, a phenomenon has already been set in motion in Pakistan too. A large number of Hindus are repeatedly harassed and forced to either convert or flee Pakistan to escape their misfortune. A systematic cleansing of Hindus is taking place both in Pakistan and Bangladesh forcing them to cross borders as refugees. Even within India, Hindus have been forced out of Kashmir and compelled to live in other parts of India in a refugee like situation. It is very unfortunate to note that there are only few voices to seek justice and human rights for them within India and also at international forums. They have been mostly left to fend for themselves without any attempts to get permanent solutions to their problems. In such a situation efforts made by Hindu Samhati in West Bengal need not only to be appreciated but supported and strengthened.

On 27th July a memorandum has been submitted to Gaighata B.D.O. dist. North 24 Parganas, jointly by Hindu Samhati and All India Refugee Front in protest of irregularities and anti Hindu attitude of government and Election Commission. The memorandum was submitted to Mr. Partha Bhowmik, the B.D.O. of Gaighata Block at his office at Chandpara Bazar. Renowned writer Nitya Ranjan Das, Mihir Nag, Dulal Samaddar, Sanjib Chakraborty and Sujit Maity on behalf of Hindu Samhati and Gyanananda Rana and Ashok Pal Chowdhury on behalf of All India Refugee Front represented the deputation. On one side the govt. and the Election Commission are denying voting rights to the Hindu Refugees who have come to India after being persecuted in Bangladesh, on the other side, under the pressure of the anti national secular political parties, the Commission is showing no inhibition to enroll the names of thousands and thousands of illegal Bangladeshi Muslims. The huge gathering on the occasion of this mass deputation shows the state of condition of these hapless Hindu Refugees. The gathering was addressed by Hindu Samhati leaders Ajit Adhikari, Biswajit Das, Sushen Biswas and A.I. R.F. leader Manmath Bachar.

The Hindu refugees are victims of partition. India cannot refuse them shelter. They are entitled to safety, security and means of livelihood in India. The partition of the country was sure to lead to this kind of situation wherein Hindus were to be terrorized, oppressed, disposed of their properties and ultimately forced out of Pakistan and Bangladesh. After coming to India as refugees there is no scope for them to return to the place of their birth. They will have to continue to live in India. So denying them Indian citizenship defies any rational justification. Granting them Indian citizenship is now the only way forward.

Editorial:Voice of India

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