Ekal way to connect with Kashmiri People

Posted on August 14, 2010


Video:- http://www.youtube. com/watch? v=QFlaCRXoMJA

When Pakistani, Politicians and Radical groups are trying hard to break Kashmir from Bharat; what is our answer to that as a Nation. We all know that Just Pumping Money in the name of development or Just hot debates in Media houses will never solve the issue. Barkha Dutt like people can just take Mic and hang around injured people till they dont get other TRP generating issue. All know that we need to connect to local’s; they are our people; our brothers. We are sure that army will gun down our enemy and we support this way but what about our own innocent people; who are like us are Bharatiya and Love this land.

May be Bharatiya government is sleeping and Kashmiri Politicians are Busy in pouring oil in fire; till there are some true nationalist groups are there; some NGO’s are there, who are working on ground. When they say Bharat Mata; then that means literally Mata and they can even take risk of life to keep this land united.

Ekal is one of those nationalist NGO which are away from politics and cheap publicity stunts doing their seva work to this mother land. Ekal has around 33000 schools allover nation and they are targeting 1 lakh school in near future. Ekal school means a complete village development package; Siksha (Education); Swastha(Health) and Gram Swaraj(Village development) all this aspects are covered.

Ekal Dastak initiative doing a good progress, volunteers are doing true nation service at the risk of life in Kashmir Like places.

Below Video will give all information: – http://www.youtube. com/watch? v=QFlaCRXoMJA

Join with ekal like organization; to serve this mother land. By paying Rs 16000 you can help ekal to start a new school; means you will take one village on development path. http://ekalindia. org

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