Only few days left for Corruptwealth Games, 2010

Posted on August 14, 2010


Corruptwealth Games?

Only few days left for Corruptwealth Games, 2010 to be held at New Delhi , Indian Capital. As we wrote in our earlier mail, this is the most corrupt event in the history of India . Total financial mis-management of poor Hindu’s tax payer’s money.

India has a population of 101 Crores as per India ’s census, 2001. out of this 83% of the population are Hindu’s. They pay crores of crores of rupees ( Rupees is the Indian currency ) to Indian government as various types of taxes like VAT, Service Tax, Excise Duty, Income Tax, Wealth Tax etc etc.

According to organizing committee, this event will cost the country Rs. 35,000 crores. But a Country like India with a high savings rate, it is not a problem to spent such a huge sum. But its mis management and corruption raises several questions on the Games. Particularly a country having a population of 30 Crore poor people.

In every aspect of the Games is full of corruption. The situation has reached such a stage that even the ruling party leader’s who are not getting their share of the booty has openly giving statements against the Games and even preying to God for failure of the Games.

You can read various statements given by ruling party leader’s like, Mr. J.P.Aggarwal, who is the President of the Delhi Pradesh Congress Committee which is the ruling party Delhi state Government and  New Delhi ’s Federal Government. Please read what they says about this corruption of poor Hindu Tax payer’s money. (HMM)

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