Request to Railway Minister, Smt. Mamta Banerji:- Don’t help traitor

Posted on August 14, 2010


Dear Mamata Didi,

We heard that you are planning to start a train in the name of Mother Teresa. The news is very very unfortunate and heart breaking to us. Because Mother Teresa is the same person / women who gave an impression to the world that your Bengal is a poverty ridden area. This is the same woman who sold poor Bengalis picture to the world to collect money to fund the Christians activities of Vatican.

We are attaching one of the photographs of a poor Bengali boy, Mother Teresa sold in western countries to tarnish the image of Bengal.

Mother Teresa is the women who opened Orphanage in Dum Dum area in Kolkata. This institutions main activity is purchasing children of poor Bengalis and sell these Children to western people to make profit so that the activities of Vatican can’t be halted due to financial constraints.

We request you not to give the name of the new train Mother Teresa train to the new train you going to introduce, because it will an insult to poor Bengalis.

Thanking You


Hindu Media Monitoring
New Delhi