Yet another Christian grenade attack in India , 6 injured

Posted on August 14, 2010


after bomb blast in Imphal

Christians are trying their best to Christianise the ten lakh Hindu’s residing in Manipur. For this they are using various technique’s like  exploding bombs, throwing hand grenade’s and blocking the road to cut off the essential supplies.

We strongly suspect these may be the ways preached by Jesus, to reach the gospel to the non-Christians.

On Friday, 6th August, 2010, Manipuri terrorist organisaction  Revolutionary People’s Front (RPF), a terrorist organisaction working under Nagaland’s  National Socialist Council of Nagaland (NSCN) exploded a hand grenade injuring six people.

NSCN is the most dreaded Christian terrorist organisaction of North East

Local women of Ghari, Imphal west staging sit-in protest

India. It was started under the guidance of Keralite Christians working in Nagaland for evangelistic work.

At 06.45 P.M. on 6th August, 2010 attack, RPF terrorists throw a grenade in the gate of  Aruna Iron and Steel Industry, Imphal. This steel factory was located in the Ghari Mayai Leikai locality of Imphal – capital of Manipur.

Six persons injured are:-

  1. Naocha (Age 21 ). Worker.
  2. H.Mahadeva Singh (Age 25). Worker.
  3. H.Pakpi (Age 40).
  4. A.Ranjandeva Singh (Age 31). Proprietor.
  5. H.Loken Singh ( Age 30 ) Worker.
  6. M.Tiken Singh ( Age 28 ). Worker.

Injured people have been taken to Regional Institute of Medical Sciences, Imphal.

We are attaching two photographs, taking the injured to Hospital and another is a sit in protest by Manipuri women on 7th August, 2010 against the grenade attack on innocents.

Manipuri NGO’s always criticize the Indian Governments and Assam Rifles – Indian Army division which looks after security in entire North East –  for Human Rights violations. But in this incident the same NGO’s keeps mum.

We think, the main-land Hindu’s very late in responding the Christians in the same way they manage things in North East. (News-HMM)