Communal Tension in Malancha under 24 Parganas District because of eve-teasing by Muslim Youths

Posted on November 25, 2010


Islamic expansionism has gripped almost the whole of Bengal. Barring a very few areas, every place has become sensitive due to Hindu-Muslim tension.

On 15th November 2010  evening of Jagadhatri Puja, Malancha Kalitala, under Basirhat Sub-Division, Police Station – Meenakha area of North 24 Parganas District felt the communal heat. Hindu women and girls always have to face eve teasing, indecent gestures from the Muslim youths.

Muslim youths came to the Puja Pandal of Jagadhatri Puja celebration with cultural program in the evening and started to disturb the girls and women with indecent gestures. At first the women tried to ignore those. But ultimately the boys started molesting them by touching their body. Some Hindu youths from Kalitala Milan Sangha club rushed there, protested, but the Muslim boys ignored them and told them that it is no business of them.

Then the Hindu youths beat two Muslim boys. The other youths fled and reported to Muslim locality. Hearing this, Muslims came back from Malancha Mathbari area in large numbers on the next day. Hindus too became ready. Then they attacked some shops in Hindu area. They broke window panes and furniture and beat the members of the shop keepers mercilessly. By this time, some Hindus gathered courage and unitedly started to resist them.

Stone throwing started and two Muslim youths beaten up by Hindu youths and their condition is serious. Muslims threatened that they would not allow immersion ceremony of Jagadhatri Puja.  By this time the police showed up. Officer-in-charge of Meenakha Police Station Mr. Arindam Mukherjee was injured to resist Muslim mobs. A huge Police contingent with RAF (Rapid Action Force) reached there to control the situation for three days. Somehow controlled the situation and took charge of the few Muslim boys have been arrested.

A festive look, as puja organisers came in colourful processions to the accompaniment of drums to immerse idols of the goddess with near about eight thousands of devotees, including the young, joined hands to gently lower the Jagadhatri idols into the river. The police posting is continuing in the area. No one dare to resist them.

(Contact No. of Meenakha Police Station: 03217 260104)