West Bengal: the Hotbed of Communal Politics

Posted on February 16, 2011


Mosque at Kolkata Airport

Mamata Bannerjee ends her public speeches nowadays with “khoda Hafiz;” she does fake namaj wearing a hizab whenever she visits Muslim majority areas in course of political propaganda, desperate for the communal which she needs to become the Chief Minister of West Bengal. Her opponent the Left does not need any encouragement to woo vote bank politics as their recent policy of Muslim reservation, a case of communalism in reverse, bears witness.

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a state insufficiently aware of its enemies cannot survive for long. How can India, then, precariously poised between Islamist terrorists just across its borders and hypocritical secularists within, survive?

There is an old mosque situated only a hundred feet north of Kolkata airport’s runway. There is an urgent need to extend this runway, for air traffic has increased phenomenally all over India and even in Kolkata. Moreover having a mosque so close to a runway is not good prospect for the security staff in these days of constant infiltration by Pakistani and Bangladeshi terrorists, working overtime in tandem with homegrown cells.

Why do the political parties of India call themselves secular when they cannot persuade Muslim leaders to give up their unreasonable demands to resist the removal of this most dangerously situated mosque?

The big newspapers of Kolkata are apt to project comments as news in such a manner that it seems that these are so many unofficial mouthpieces of the Congress –Trinamul axis. But when it comes to the dangerous mosque near Kolkata Airport’s runway, they maintain silence.