Insult by Congress leader Digvijay Singh, comments on Hindu Bengalis flayed

Posted on February 23, 2011


GUWAHATI, Feb 20: Congress leader Digvijay Singh’s comments on Hindu Bengalis, who migrated to India from Bangladesh, at a public meeting at Karimganj on February 17 continue to draw flak from various organizations. This time the All Assam Bengali Youth Students’ Federation has come down heavily on the Congress general secretary and Assam in-charge for his ‘controversial’ comments.
In a press statement, Federation president Bimal Mahanayak said, “Digvijay Singh had said in the meeting that Hindu Bengalis who have migrated to India from Bangladesh are not refugees but illegal immigrants. Such a reckless comment coming  from a senior leader like him is sad. This comment only exposes his ignorance about the history of the country. We strongly condemn this comment.”
Mahanayak further said, “Political leaders used religion to divide this country in 1947 and Bengalis have been the worst sufferers of this religion-based politics. Digvijay Singh may not be aware of various legislation like the 1950 Assam Immigration Expulsion Act which lays down provisions for giving shelter to refugees. Hindu Bengalis were compelled by circumstances to leave East Pakistan and migrate to India. These people had played a significant role in India’s freedom struggle. So how can they be branded as ‘foreigners’?”
Mahanayak added, “Hindu Bengalis from Bangladesh should be recognized as refugees and not illegal immigrants. We appeal to Congress leaders to refrain from making such comments in the future.”

The Sentinel