Religious Conversions through Love Jihad Even in Kolkata

Posted on March 14, 2011


An organisation makes use of groups of boys belonging to a particular religious faith. They are taught how to lure girls coming from different religious persuasions. They have been ordered to leave those girls who do not fall into their “love trap” within two weeks. Further, the organisation orders their followers to marry them within a short period of six month and to have at least four children.

The main targets of this organisation include college students and working women. The organisation gives one lakh rupees to such converted women and also gives financial support to boys to start business activities. It is now known that several foreign agencies are financially helping this organisation. This organisation has been actively working since last year.

The “Love Jihad” organisation provides their members with mobile phones, motor cycles, good clothing, etc. for more effective allurment of girls. The organisation has a well defined setup with a “Zonal Chairman” responsible for coordinating activities in a particular district. During college admissions, this organisation has different units which prepare a detailed list of girls classified according to their religion.

The strategy here is to use wombs of non-Muslim women to increase the population of Muslims. The added bonus is the humiliation of Hindu men when they find their women being humped by momins. Hindu women instead of producing Hindu children produce Muslim children who grow up and riot against the Hindus. Such Hindu girls eloping with Muslim Romeos for “love” are acting traitorously against their own menfolk and contributing to their eventual destruction. It is an act of treason against the race.

Times of India story on 12th Mar 2011: Two youths were arrested on charges of blackmailing a 20-year-old Hindu (that TOI has not mentioned) girl after taking nude shots of her with a cellphone and threatening to distribute them as MMSes.

The duo was arrested from the New Barrackpore railway station area on Thursday afternoon after the victim — a resident of the Kalibari area of New Barrackpore — lodged a complaint. A mobile phone, with which the prime accused, Asif Ahmed, had clicked her nude pictures, was also recovered from them. The investigators have come to know that the victim had an affair with Asif.
Police said Asif, 23, a resident of Ganesh Chandra Avenue, allegedly shot her in the nude with his mobile camera and then sent the images to his friend Mahammad Saddam, 21, a resident of Benting Street in Kolkata.

Saddam allegedly threatened the girl that he would circulate the MMS to others if she did not agreed to a physical relationship with him as well.
According to the girl, Asif and she had been having an affair for the past several months after they got in touch with each other accidentally over a stray phone call. Soon, a physical relationship developed between the couple. It was during that time that Asif took her photographs and threatened to leak them to others if she spurned his advances in future.

Fuming over what had happened, the girl severed the relationship. It is then that Asif claims to have sent the photographs to his friend Saddam in a fit of rage.

“When we came to know about the incident, we asked Asif to hand over the mobile phone carrying the photographs. But he refused to do so and even threatened and abused us,” said one of the victim’s relatives. Thereafter, the girl lodged a complaint with the police, leading to the duo’s arrest.
Asif was remanded in judicial custody for 14 days and Saddam was granted bail after being produced in the Barrackpore court on Friday afternoon.