A truth a day keeps the pseudo-secular away! – 50 th Truth

Posted on March 19, 2011


50. All Hindu-majority regions are peaceful. But all Hindu-minority regions have become problematic – like J&K, North Eastern parts, etc. Can you explain why?

49. Riots take place mostly after the Friday prayers. Is it not because of the fiery sermons of the Imams?

48. Are you aware that India is the only country which openly invites infiltrators from Bangladesh. Bihar, UP and West Bengal Govts. provide them with immediate ration cards and make them voters.

47. Why Christian Missionaries do not go to Muslim-dominated areas and start their social service there? Is it because they will not get sufficient return to their ‘investment’?

46. Why Hindu dominated Bharat is secular for ages and Muslim dominated countries are only Islamic with no powers to minorities?

45. How come a Muslim family peacefully lives in a predominantly Hindu locality, whereas a Hindu family is not able to do so in a Muslim locality?

44. Do you agree with the thesis of Communists that India is a State of different nations, like the former USSR, (and not a Nation of different states) and therefore is bound to break up?

43. Do you believe that Communists love our country, when they refuse to admit that China was the aggressor in 1962?

42. UN Charter says that minority means less than 10% of the population. How can Muslims, who are nearly 14% in India be called a minority?

41. Don’t you think that ‘Secular Muslim’ is a misnomer? A person can either be Secular or a Muslim, and not both? A Muslim (who believes in the only God, Allah) cannot be secular (believing in many Gods).

40. Ishwar Allah tere naam – Can you show me one Muslim who has agreed to this?

39. Don’t you believe that Islam and Christianity are politicalideologies, out to grab nations. They – through their Mullahs andFathers – achieve what Army, Navy and Air Force cannot, by converting locals and destroying their culture.

38. Do you trust that Islam and Christianity believe in Sarva Dharma Samabhav? If yes, why do they believe in conversion.

37. When Quran does not believe in negotiation (it believes only in defeating Kafirs in a war), do you think that the Ayodhya problem will be solved by negotiation?

36. A former President, two former PMs, Sadhus and Sants have demonstrated against the arrest of Kanchi Shankaracharya, but the media says there is absolutely no protest. Do you think violence is the only yardstick to measure people’s agony?

35. How do you explain the Muslim psyche : Enjoying the freedom in a democratic country like India, USA, UK, France, etc. and still trying to make it an Islamic nation, where they lose all freedom.

34. If Islam is a religion of peace, why Quran-reading and Gunwielding is taught in tandem?

33. If the communal riots is due to RSS, VHP, Bajrang Dal, etc. why there are riots in Bangladesh, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Turkey, Afghanistan, Indonesia, Chechhnya, China, Russia, UK, France, Spain, Cyprus, etc. – where there is no RSS/VHP. \

32. When Deepavali & Janmashtami are celebrated at White House,House of Commons, Australian Parliament, etc. why are they notcelebrated in Indian parliament? Are we more secular than USA, UK & Australia?

31. Do you think that India will remain secular and democratic if Muslims become majority?

30. If music, singing and dancing are un-Islamic (because Islam is a serious religion), why no Fatwa is issued against the many Khans in the cinefield. What will they give up – Islam or Acting?

29. If painting is un-Islamic, why there is no Fatwa issued against M F Hussain? If he still persists with painting, is he not doing anun-Islamic act?

28. J&K with about 1 crore population has been provided with aid worth Rs.24,000 crores, i.e. Rs.24,000/- per head, whereas in other states the per head aid is less than 5% of this amount. Is this not a reward for anti-nationalism?

27. IMTD act in Assam gives legal rights to Bangladeshi Muslims tosettle and become Indian citizen, whereas Indians cannot settle inJammu & Kashmir. Why this double standard?

28. J&K with about 1 crore population has been provided with aidworth Rs.24,000 crores, i.e. Rs.24,000/- per head, whereas in otherstates the per head aid is less than 5% of this amount. Is this not a reward for anti-nationalism?

26. Arabic language is promoted in India at Govt. expenses. but not Sanskrit? Is Arabic more national than Sanskrit?

25. In Kerala, MLAs, MPs & Ministers take oath in the name of Allahand Infant Jesus, which is against the Constitution. Can a Hindu take oath in the name of Ram or Krishna?

24. In 2003-2004 – A Muslim President, a Hindu Prime Minister and a Christian Defence Minister, running the affairs of the country, with a unity of purpose. Can this happen any whereexcept in a Hindu Nation – Bharat?

23. When Haj pilgrims are given subsidy, why Hindu pilgrims to Amarnath, Sabarimalai & Kailash Mansarover are taxed?

22. Dr. Praveenbhai Thogadiya has been arrested many times on flimsy grounds. Has the Shahi Imam of Jama Masjid, Delhi, Ahmed Bukhari been arrested for claiming to be an ISI agent and advocating partition of Bharat?

21. Abdul Rehman Antuley was made a trustee of the famous Siddhi Vinayak Temple in Prabhadevi, Mumbai. Can a Hindu – say Mulayam or Laloo – ever become a trustee of a Masjid or Madrassa?

20. Why post-Godhra is blown out of proportion, when no-one talks of the ethnic cleansing of 4 lakh Hindus from Kashmir?

19. In contrast, in India, Muslim population has gone up from 10.4% in 1951 to about 14% today; whereas Hindu population has come down from 87.2% in 1951 to 81.5% in 2001. Does any politician have the guts to ask Muslims to go for family planning?

18. In 1947, when India was partitioned, the Hindu population inPakistan was about 24%. Today it is not even 1%. In 1947, the Hindu population in East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) was 30%. Today it is about 7%. What happened to the missing Hindus? Do Hindus have human rights?

17. Do you consider that – Sanskrit is communal and Urdu is secular, Mandir is communal and Masjid is secular, Sadhu is communal and Imam is secular, BJP is communal and MuslimLeague is secular, Dr. Praveen Thogadiya is anti-national and Bhukari is national, Vande Matharam is communal and Allah- O-Akbar is secular, Shriman is communal and Mian is secular, Hinduism is communal and Islam is secular, Hindutva is communal and Jihadism is secular, and at last, Bharat is communal and Italy is secular?

16. When Christian and Muslim schools can teach Bible and Quran, why Hindus cannot teach Gita or Ramayan?

15. Do you admit that Hindus do have problems that need to be recognized. Or do you think that those who call themselves Hindus are themselves the problem?

14. If Muslims & Christians are minorities in Maharashtra, UP, Bihar, etc., are Hindus not minorities in J&K, Mizoram, Nagaland, Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya, etc?. Why are Hindus denied minority rights in these States?

13. Why Gandhiji objected to the decision of the cabinet and insisted that Somnath Temple should be reconstructed out of public funds, not government funds, when in January 1948 hepressurised Nehru and Patel to carry on renovation of the mosques of Delhi at government expenses?

12. Why Gandhiji supported Khilafat movement (nothing to do with our freedom movement) and what in turn he got?

11. In what way, J&K is different from Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu or Uttar Pradesh, to have Article 370?

10. When uniform is made compulsory for school children, why there is no Uniform Civil Code for citizens?

9. Why temple funds are spent for the welfare of Muslims and Christians, when they are free to spend their money in any way they like?

8. When Hindus gave to Muslims 30% of Bharat for a song, why should Hindus now beg for their sacred places at Ayodhya, Mathura and Kashi?

7. Today Hindus are 82%. If Hindus are intolerant, how come Masjids and Madrassas are thriving? How come Muslims are offering Namaz on the road? How come Muslims are proclaiming 5 times a day on loudspeakers that there is no God except Allah?

6. Hindu-majority Maharashtra, Bihar, Kerala, Pondicherry, etc. have in the past elected Muslims as CMs; Can you ever imagine a Hindu becoming the CM of Muslim-majority J&K or Christian dominated Nagaland/Mizoram?

5. Show one Mullah or Maulvi who has declared a ‘fatwa’ against terrorists.

4. Show one country where the 82% majority craves for the indulgence of the 18% minority.

3. Show one Muslim country which has a Non-Muslim as its President or Prime Minister.

2. Show one Muslim country where Hindus are extended the special rights that Muslims are accorded in India?

1. There are nearly 57 Muslim countries. Show one Muslim country which provides Haj subsidy.

Watch this space  – One ‘Bitter Truth’ will be added daily for the benefit of pseudosecular Hindus , to ponder about.

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