Why it is needed for Hindu Vote Bank in West Bengal

Posted on March 25, 2011


Strategic voting has never been a Hindu forte. At the time of elections, media is flooded with reports about how Muslims and Christians manipulated the outcome by their en bloc voting.

Because When You Do NOT Vote as a Hindu  THEN… Do you Know these facts?

1. West Bengal government announced 10 per cent quota in employment for the Muslim community under the OBC category. May be TMC will do more if the will get chance.

2. Daily 6000 illegal Bangladeshi infiltrators cross into Indian territory. You feed Lakhs of such Bangladeshis; residing in West Bengal. Hindus are thrown out of Kashmir & made to live as refugees. Illegal Bangladeshis are given ration cards.

3. POTA is abolished to protect minorities & “Quota” introduced to split Hindus.

4. Temples can be demolish, whereas Churches & Madarssas are protected. Places Sacred to Hindus are under threat of Islamic terrorists.

5. Hindu temple Trusts are taken over by Government and its earnings are used to feed non-Hindus projects. Non-Hindu places of worship are allowed to mushroom uncontrolled.

6. “A Hindu” is unsafe everywhere. – In Parliament, Trains, Buses, Temples, Market place and even at Home and none is bothered.

7. Parliament attack mastermind Afzal’s death sentence is unduly postponed because he is a Muslim.

8. Terrorist Masood Azhar gets free passage to Afghanistan, Coimbatore blast mastermind – Madani is served Biriani & given Massage service in Jail, whereas Hindu religious Head Shankaracharya is arrested on Diwali day & treated as criminal.

9. Prime Minister wishes to ‘Give first claim on Resources to Muslims’ There is special census for Muslim head count in Government offices. Reservation in Public, Private Sector and even in Police & Army is proposed.

10. Subsidy is given to HAJ Pilgrims whereas Service tax is imposed on Hindu pilgrims. Muslims can dare to refuse – singing of “Vande Mataram”.

11. Media and intellectuals continuously targets Hindus & Hindutva in a planned manner.

12. Most Convent schools ban Kumkum, Mehandi, Bangles, Rakhi & Hindu symbols.

13. Missionaries convert poor Hindu families in rural Bengal under the garb of convent Education & Social service.

14. Thousands of “Cows – sacred to Hindus” are slaughtered in Bengal, everyone keeps mum.

Keeping Mum is Suicidal . .

To Protect Our Nation, Hindu Religion & Family – VOTE AS A HINDU.

The only way to counter vote bank policies blindly pursued by governments and political parties is to develop a strong and formidable Hindu vote bank.

There is an urgent need to counter the minority communities’ vote bank. A Hindu vote bank will safeguard the interests of the Hindu community and protect its identity.

Election dates have been declared. This was the right time to give such a call, so that Hindus open their eyes and see the lurking danger from anti-Hindu powers coming to power.

If any political party wants to survive in politics on the basis of a Hindu vote bank, they should appease the Hindus, like they do with minority communities.

Democracy is a form of government that is voted to power by the majority, and the time has come for Hindus to get their act together and create a strong Hindu political base.