Hindu girl student molested in Malda School

Posted on April 1, 2011


A series of recent reports do illustrate an extremely shocking truth. Security of Hindu women in the Indian state of West Bengal is getting less with each day passes and youngsters are getting vulnerable more and more. An individual, alien to all these, may still depend on the saga of free democracy and administration. But persecuted Hindus with harrowing experiences know the fallout of any such dependence – gradual ruination. The traumatic experiences of Rakhi Sardar, a married and 19 year old High Secondary student of Alal High School in P.S. Gajol, Dist: Malda, reveal the atrocious reality.

On 09 March 2011 admit cards meant for students’ examination were being distributed by Azizul Haque (part-time teacher), Wahida Khatun (regular teacher) and Mosharraf Hossain (English teacher). Rakhi, after being provided the admit card, as usual, was asked to sign the register book maintained by Mosharraf Hossain. But when she was signing, Rakhi was molested (Hossain pressed her breast). Rakhi burst into tears, as a result, and informed others. The enraged students started protesting against this and slowly the movement became intense.

Ashok Kumar Saha,(Games Teacher), alleged to make all efforts to downplay the episode, stated that on 11 March a trial involving school management committee, teachers and students, would be held to find out the reality and punish the perpetrator. On 10 March 20, 2011 the school management committee along with Swapan Kumar (TIC) went to Rakhi’s residence and tried to convince the family members. They proposed to defer the gathering to 13 March. However, the family was in no mood to listen to these and the proposal was rejected outright.

Here is a brief attention on the role of students, furious already. Almost 200 boys asked the TIC of the reasons behind the rescheduling of meeting and finding no clear answer he was put into a locked room. But he was freed later, owing to teacher’s requests.

Later on, TIC and Samar Das went to the Secretary’s house at 3 pm along with students. At that time, it was proved that the TIC was familiar with the entire development. Where was the Secretary (Ashok Sarkar) then? He was not in his house but was making all kinds of exculpations over the phone. Well, he was found at Chowringhee Square, at a distance of 300 metres away from the school. A large number of students went there, got hold him, beat him up and dragged him to the school. Bikash Pramanik, local leader of CPIM, who also went to Rakhi’s house, was also thrashed at the same time. Sagar Saha, influential member of the school management committee, was also thrashed. Notably, Hossain is infamous for these kinds of activities in the vicinity. As per people, he did same kind of job thrice prior to the present one.

To bring all disturbances to an end, a large police contingent of P.S. Gajol along with RAF was deputed in the school compound on March 11. Bapi Sardar, elder brother of Rakhi, was arrested and brought to the police station in Gajol. Ashok Sarkar filed complaints against four people – Suman Burman, Atom Biswas, Bapi Sardar, Ghanashyam Sardar and others. They were sent to the court next day. Rakhi lodged a formal complaint against Hossain of molestation (65 dtd. 12/03/11). Bapi was bailed out on the same day.

Well, Sri Ahok Gop, O.C. of Gajol, P.S., was decent with the students and others initially but it is alleged that he is siding with the school management committee increasingly. Others were bailed out on 15/03/11.

ABVP (Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad) Malda unit met S.P. on 16/03/11 but the senior police officer was found to speak of vandalism of students over and over again. Sri Utsav Chakraborty, G.S., ABVP Malda unit, nevertheless, pointed out that there was no such vandalism; teachers’ activities infuriated students.

Mosharraf Hossain, also a correspondent of Bengali newspaper “Ekdin” got bail on 16/03/11. It has also come to the knowledge that police sent reference containing sections 354 and 366 and devoid of any reference to molestation.

Last but not least, Muslims, as per latest information, are equipping themselves up to free the teacher. School management committee is also mulling over the rustication of implicated students.

North Bengal Tribune