Hindu minor girl raped brutally in Bangladesh

Posted on September 29, 2011


Religious persecutions on Hindus in Bangladesh are in full action and without doubt, recurrent indifference of indigenous government to them has been one of the mainstays behind mounting tortures; recent rape of a Hindu minor girl at Baliadangi in Thakurgaon (District) in Bangladesh has revealed this vicious reality once more. Dipti Rani, age 11 years, happens to be a student of standard four inBoalimondol Government Junior School, P.S. Baliadangi and became a victim of lust of Md. Moshirul Islam (35), son of Shahidul Islam. She hails from an impoverished background; tea and sweetmeat shop situated in eastern side of Lahiri Dighi in Lahiri market is the main source of family’s living.

On the fateful day of 05.08.2011, around 7.30 P.M., while parents were working in shop and Dipti Rani was busy to get their domestic animals because of rain, Moshirul Islam entered into her bed room, located on the eastern side adjacent to the walking road in Dhonotola Boalimondol, stealthily. When on earth she entered the next bedroom Moshirul got hold of and raped her brutally. All she could do was to scream; hearing it people entered the room hurriedly and Moshirul fled. The room had two doors, Moshirul used one to run away. People chased him but failed. However, the Hindu family, owing to intense pressures of Moshirul and his family, did not dare to lodge a complaint against these to the local police station.

Well, they did it later thanks to a few influential persons in the area. Mohin Chandra Singh, father of Dipa Rani, lodged First Information Report (FIR) at Baliadangi Police Station on 07.08.2011 being Case No. 06 dated 07.08.2011 corresponding to G.R. No. 120 of 2011 under Section 9(1) of the Nari-O-Shisu Nirzatan Daman Ain, 2000 (as amended 2003) against, Moshirul Islam, the perpetrator.

But this was the beginning of a more horrendous episode. Even if it was a rape case, confirmed by the victim, local witnesses and also police, report of Civil Surgeon, Thakurgaon Modern Hospital was just the opposite. It has come to the knowledge, as per Dr.Mirza Asgar Ali, Civil Surgeon, victim had no mark of ravishment in her body and she was of between 12-13 years. Without doubt, the doctor was trying to make best efforts to save a Muslim perpetrator but his best wishes failed owing to great efforts Adv.Rabindra Ghosh, Adv. Nipa Rani Roy, Kamal Karmakar, and Sawpan Roy of Bangladesh Minority Watch (BDMW)

Owing to their pressure, Chief Judicial Magistrate passed an apposite order for re-examination of the victim. She was examined by Civil Surgeon-Dinajpur who found the victim had been raped. But Advocate Mohammad Liton Ahmed obtained anticipatory bail of Moshirul Islam from High Court Division of Bangladesh containing Justice A.K.M. Asaduzzaman and Mr. Justice Md. Ashraful Kamal. The order was passed on 25th August, 2011.

The situation is sticky at the moment.

Source: http://eastbengaleye.blogspot.com