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Islamists protesting in Kolkata against insulting Pakistani cricketer!

March 25, 2012


What the metropolis of Kolkata witnessed today is not anything new these days – people just went on the rampage throughout the town, and the players in this chronicle are much known as well – Islamists, determined ever to make use of any issue and thus, hold the state to ransom. How can the use […]

Muslims dare Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee

September 7, 2011


This was not done by any of her preceding Chief Ministers in Bengal even but without doubt, Mamata Banerjee, present Chief Minister, West Bengal, is of a different nature and surely has the conviction to overwhelm her illustrious predecessors. She was invited to grace the recently held giganticId congregation held on Red Road of Kolkata; definitely she charmed […]

Jihad will continue- Jihad will escalate with Hindu Political Silence

July 15, 2011


The Jihad on Hindus – Mumbai is the starter By Aron Aronite First Hindus must acknowledge they are the Targets. Attackers have repeatedly Declared Hindus and Jews are The Targets. Secondly Attackers have declared it is Islamic Jihad. Attackers are Islamist Jihadis from Pakistan with some supportive outfits called Indian Mujahadeen an Islamist Indian group. […]

Is Draft Prevention of Communal and Targeted Violence Bill, 2011 a slap on Hindus in India?

July 6, 2011


The draft Prevention of Communal and Targeted Violence (Access to Justice and Reparations) Bill, 2011 hosted by the National Advisory Council (NAC) on its website for public scrutiny, apparently rewrites some key principles of the Constitution of India, Indian Penal Code, Code of Criminal Procedure 1973 and Indian public services. It is the downside of […]

Hindus ensured Cong win in Assam

May 15, 2011


Move Towards Congress Upset BJP Prospects Guwahati: If the Hindu consolidation behind the CPM-led Left Democratic Front almost cost Congress Kerala, a similar push from the majority community was the main factor behind it retaining power in Assam. Detailed analysis of results shows that unexpected support from Hindus and tribals was the main reason for […]

59 Muslim candidates were elected to the new assembly in West Bengal

May 14, 2011


The increasing number of Muslim legislators since 1952 indicate a grave conspiracy. In 1952, there were only 6 Muslim legislators in the state assembly stand increased to 45 in the outgoing assembly. In the current assembly election 2011, the Left Front has fielded 56 Muslim candidates where as the TMC has fielded 42 and the […]

Fearing of Muslim Vote TMC says NO to Saffron Babus

April 21, 2011


Source: India Motherland To be precise, there is no requirement of any special quality or trait for any person to get nomination in the Indian elections. Any person above 18 years and close to the party leadership (or even neutral) can get the coveted recommendation and act accordingly. Nevertheless, at the same instant, any person […]