Hindu Organisations

World of Hinduim

Hinduism comprises many Hindu organisations, each of which follows a particular philosophy or saint. They differ on how to achieve life’s ultimate goal – Atma Jnana or self-realization. Devotees can choose any path depending on their individual natures.


This is an incomplete list, which may never be able to satisfy particular standards for completeness. You can help by expanding it with reliably sourced entries.

World Hindu Conference

World Hindu Conference

5 Responses “Hindu Organisations” →
  1. Many more Hindu organisations are there. But these are the major.

  2. HINDU JANAJAGRUTI SAMITI (HJS) Website http://www.hindujagruti.org

    SWAMI NARENDRACHARYA JI OF NANIJ, MAHARASHTRA Website http://www.nanijdham.org

  3. Where is Hindu Samhati Est-2008;Non-Political Org for Hindu Solidarity agnst Islamic Aggression in WestBengal & to save it 4m being part of Greater Bangladesh via Islamic Expansionism!


  4. hazari.Srinivasa Rao

    January 30, 2011

    I like hindhutva-Hindhu Rastra…

  5. The name of “Shri Ram Sena” should be included in the list of Hindu organisations.
    Mahendra Ray


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